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Elvis: 'Roustabout' 2-LP Limited Edition Record Set : November 27

By: Elvis Australia
Source: FTD
November 12, 2017
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Now to be released November 27 is the Follow That Dream (FTD) double LP 'Roustabout'. Pre-release sales of FTD's recent 'Roustabout' Classic Album exceeded all expectations reflecting the appeal of the original #1 album. The release of this Limited Edition 2-LP set will be no exception. It contains Stereo Remixes of the Soundtrack, outtakes and mono masters. Mastered at Abbey Road, London, the 180 Gram discs feature reproductions of the original rare RCA 'Hollywood' pressing plant LP labels.

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Elvis: 'Roustabout' (2-LP Limited Edition) LP Record Set

FTD 317 (506020-975114), Barcode: 506020 975114 6

Side 1

01 Roustabout - NOV take 9 (movie version) (2:14)
02 Little Egypt - AO take 15/M (record version) (2:33)
03 Poison Ivy League - BO take 7/M (2:19)
04 Hard Knocks - CO take 11/M (record version) (1:53)
05 It's A Wonderful World - DO take 13/M (2:07)
06 Big Love Big Heartache - EO take 17/M (2:17)
07 Roustabout - NOV takes 14-16 (2:58)
08 Roustabout - NOV take 17/M (record version) (2:15)

Side 2

01 One Track Heart - FO take 5/M (2:25)
02 It's Carnival Time - HO take 2/HOV take 9/M (record version) (1:50)
03 Carny Town - JO take 9/M (1:29)
04 There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon - KO take 5/M (2:13)
05 Wheels On My Heels - LO take 7/M (1:28)
06 Roustabout - NOV takes 1-5, 6 (7:21)
07 It's A Wonderful World - DO take 17 (instrumental) (2:02)

Side 3

01 I'm A Roustabout (2:13)
02 Hard Knocks - COV take 4 (movie version) (1:55)
03 Roustabout - NOV takes 7, 8 (3:00)
04 Little Egypt - revised, AO take 21 (part used for movie version) (2:52)
05 It's Carnival Time - (HO take 2/HOV take 12, movie version) (1:50)
06 Roustabout - NOV takes 10-12 (4:47)
07 Roustabout - NOV take 13 (2:10)

Side 4 - The Mono Soundtrack Album

01 Roustabout (2:01)
02 Little Egypt (2:21)
03 Poison Ivy League (2:05)
04 Hard Knocks (1:45)
05 It's A Wonderful World (1:51)
06 Big Love Big Heartache (2:03)
07 One Track Heart (2:18)
08 It's Carnival Time (1:35)
09 Carny Town (1:13)
10 There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon (2:03)
11 Wheels On My Heels (1:25)

Elvis: 'Roustabout' (2-LP Limited Edition) LP Record Set.
Elvis: 'Roustabout' (2-LP Limited Edition) LP Record Set.

Due to the high current demand for vinyl product, it's possible that this release may not be ready for the planned shipping date of our new release. If so, you will be advised of the latest status.

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