Elvis Presley: 'Rebel With A Cause '56' FTD Book and CD

By: Elvis Australia
Source: FTD
February 15, 2018

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release, 'Rebel With A Cause '56' late February. The book will contain photos directly from the negatives and thus of remarkable quality! The book was compiled by David English and Pål Granlund. The photos show a twenty-one-year-old Elvis at the beginning of an impressive career that started with his first golden single in '56. Written and produced by David English & Pal Granlund it features newly-discovered images scanned for the first time from the original negatives - exclusive to this book. The book's story starts on August 16 1956 and ends on September 30, 1956!

The book is 312 pages and author David English notes that two more unseen photos from September 56, one of which shows Elvis paying to go into Malco Theatre just made it into the book before printing. the book will hopefully be out at the end of this month.

The book will include an accompanying CD.

Track listing.

Elvis Presley Rock N Roll No. 2.

1. 'Rip It Up', 2. 'Love Me', 3. 'When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again', 4. 'Long Tall Sally', 5. 'First In Line', 6. 'Paralyzed', 7. 'So Glad You're Mine', 8. 'Old Shep' (Take 5), 9. 'Ready Teddy', 10. 'Anyplace Is Paradise', 11. 'How's The World Treating You', 12. 'How Do You Think I Feel'

The Ed Sullivan Show September 9, 1956

13. 'Don't Be Cruel', 14. Elvis talks, 15. 'Love Me Tender', 16. 'Ready Teddy', 17. 'Hound Dog'

The Mississippi - Alabama Fair And Dairy Show September 26, 1956 - Afternoon Performance

18. 'Heartbreak Hotel', 19. 'Long Tall Sally', 20. Presentations, 21. 'I Was The One', 22. 'I Want You, I Need You, I Love You', 23. Elvis talks, 24. 'I Got A Woman', 25. 'Don't Be Cruel', 26. 'Ready Teddy', 27. 'Love Me Tender', 28. 'Hound Dog', 29. Interview with Vernon and Gladys Presley, 30. Interview with Nick Adams, 31. Interview with Judy Hopper, 32. Interview with Elvis, (All interviews conducted by Jack Cristil.)

Elvis Presley: 'Rebel With A Cause '56' FTD Book and CD Release.
Elvis Presley: 'Rebel With A Cause '56' FTD Book and CD Release.

Elvis Presley: 'Rebel With A Cause '56' FTD Book and CD Release.
Elvis Presley: 'Rebel With A Cause '56' FTD Book and CD Release.

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