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A look at the bonus CD from the 'His Songs of Praise' FTD Hardcover Book

By: Elvis Australia
Source: FTD
September 1, 2016
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Next week the new FTD Book 'His Songs Of Praise' will be published. A book about the many gospel songs Elvis sang, and the writer Trevor Simpson (known for the 'Best Of British' books) already sent us the tracklist of the bonus CD included with the new book. The booklet consists of two parts, and volume 1 from the beginning of September.

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The bonus CD from the 'His Songs of Praise' FTD Hardcover Book.

Track listing

Live & Impromptu Performances with Alternate Studio Anthology

  1. Introduction by Elvis and Amazing Grace (Take 2 - Undubbed) - 3:39
  2. America The Beautiful (Composite) - 2:11
  3. Amen (Live in Memphis March 20th, 1974) - 0:55
  4. An American Trilogy (Live in Honolulu, Hawaii January 14th, 1973) - 4:28
  5. An Evening Prayer (Take 8) - 2:00
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Unedited/ Undubbed master - 1970) - 4:35
  7. He Touched Me (Take 1) - 2:46
  8. Help Me (Undubbed master) - 2:29
  9. I Believe (March Of Dimes Master edit) - 2:31
  10. If That Isn't Love (Undubbed Take 4) - 3:34
  11. If We Never Meet Again (Take 1) - 2:00
  12. Elvis talks about Spiritual music & Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 4) - 3:11
  13. In My Father's House (Take 8) - 2:05
  14. Known Only To Him (Take 2) - 1:35
  15. Elvis talks & I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Take 4) - 2:19
  16. Miracle Of The Rosary (Undubbed Take 4) - 1:50

    Elvis Presley Special: Palm Sunday - March 19th, 1967 Radio Program

  17. Introduction Radio Station KVIO - Sedona, AZ - 0:43
  18. Announcer: How Great Thou Art - 2:57
  19. In The Garden - 3:06
  20. Announcer: Somebody Bigger Than You And I - 2:54
  21. Stand By Me - 2:24
  22. Announcer: Without Him - 3:01
  23. Where Could I Go But To The Lord - 3:31
  24. Announcer & Red Cross Message - 1:23
  25. Announcer: Where No One Stands Alone - 3:07
  26. Announcer: Crying In The Chapel - 2:36
  27. Announcer & KVIO: Farewell & advert for How Great Thou Art album - 1:33
  28. Listen To The Bells (Informal Jam with Imperials Quartet) - 0:35
  29. Hide Thou Me - (Elvis at the piano - singing gospel at home) - 1:07
  30. If I Can Dream - (Album Master) - 3:36
'His Songs of Praise' is the first of two volumes titled Elvis: His Songs of Praise, which when combined, will exceed 700 pages and chronicle of 100 sacred, spiritual and inspirational gospel songs sung by Elvis.

Presented over 350 pages with lavishly illustrated high-quality images, many unseen photographs, and graphics. Every song has been thoroughly researched like the author's previous trilogy Elvis: 'The Best of British'. In early interviews, Elvis divulged that spiritual music was his first love and he publicly continued to reaffirm. Despite being acclaimed as the 'King of Rock 'n' Roll', he was only presented with three Grammy awards for his spiritual music and the stories of these iconic songs are contained within this book.

  • Hardcover book with over 350 photographs of Elvis
  • Includes Audio CD containing 30 tracks and over 74 minutes of runtime


Elvis 'His Songs of Praise' Hardcover Book and CD from Follow That Dream Books.
Elvis 'His Songs of Praise' Hardcover Book and CD from Follow That Dream Books.


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