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Love Me Tender 2 CD 7" Classic album from FTD : Released

By: Elvis Australia
Source: FTD
June 4, 2014
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FTD have released both 'Love Me Tender' 2 CD 7" Classic album and 'Stay Away, Joe' (limited edition vinyl) and our order is on the way to us.

This 2-disc 7' set celebrates Elvis' first motion picture Love Me Tender from 1956. Elvis first performed ‘Love Me Tender' on the Ed Sullivan Show (September 9) and pre-sales reached over 1 million before its release on September 28. It features a 16-page booklet with great photos, movie trivia, memorabilia and full recording data. Disc 2 features the legendary live show from the Mississippi Alabama State Fair and Dairy Show held in Tupelo on September 26.

Love Me Tender 2 CD 7" Classic album from FTD

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Elvis Presley CD, Book and DVD Reviews Review : Love Me Tender 2-CD 7" FTD classic soundtrack

'Love Me Tender' (2CD)

Track listing

Disc 1 : 'Love Me Tender' (2CD)

The Original EP : Side 1

1) Love Me Tender 2:44 (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
2) Let Me 2:11 (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
3) Poor Boy 2:16 (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
4) We're Gonna Move 2:31 (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)

Bonus Tracks

5) Love Me Tender - end title version 1:09
6) 20) The Truth About Me 2:09 Original spoken word 45 rpm disc included in Teen Parade magazine

The Outtakes

07) We're Gonna Move - take 4 2:47
08) We're Gonna Move - take 9 4:39
09) Poor Boy - take 3 original 3 verse master 1:51
10) Poor Boy - remake take 1 1:00
11) Poor Boy - extended verse. Vocal overdub take 6 0:37
12) Let Me - vocal overdub take 3 2:21
13) Let Me - vocal overdub take 4 2:19

Stereo Masters

14) Love Me Tender 2:52
15) Let Me 2:11
16) Poor Boy 2:16
17) We're Gonna Move 2:32


18) The Truth About Me Interview 10:04

Recorded August 22 on the set of Love Me Tender, Hollywood, California

All songs recorded for the motion picture Love Me Tender
Recorded August 24, September 4 and 5, and October 1, 1956 at Fox Stage 1, Hollywood.

Producer / A&R: Lionel Newman / Ken Darby
Engineer: Bob Mayer & Ken Runyon

Guitar: Vito Mumolo; Bass: Mike 'Myer' Rubin; Drums: Richard Cornell; Banjo: Luther 'Red' Roundtree; Accordion: Carl Fortina, Dominic Frontieri; Vocals: Rad Robinson, Jon Dodson, Charles Prescott.

Disc 2 : Mississippi-Alabama State Fair & Dairy Show, Tupelo

Afternoon Show

1) Heartbreak Hotel 2:43 (Mae Boren Axton/Tommy Durden/Elvis Presley)
2) Long Tall Sally 2:43 (Richard Penniman/Robert Blackwell/Enotris Johnson)
3) Introductions and presentation 2:36
4) I Was The One 3:19 (Aaron Schroeder/Claude DeMetrius/Hal Blair/Bill Peppers)
5) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 2:52 (Maurice Mysels/Ira Kosloff)
6) Elvis talks 0:34
7) I Got A Woman 2:53 (Ray Charles)
8) Don't Be Cruel 2:52 (Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
9) Ready Teddy 2:15 (Robert Blackwell/John Marascalco)
10) Love Me Tender 2:58 (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
11) Hound Dog 2:48 (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
12) Vernon and Gladys Predsley 1:44
13) Nick Adams 1:42
14) A fan 2:26
15) Elvis 1:53

Evening Show

16) Love Me Tender 1:49 (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
17) I Was The One 2:47 (Aaron Schroeder/Claude DeMetrius/Hal Blair/Bill Peppers)
18) I Got A Woman 2:52 (Ray Charles)
19) Announcement 1:45
20) Don't Be Cruel 2:12 (Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
21) Blue Suede Shoes 2:34 (Carl Perkins)
22) Announcement 1:03
23) Baby Let's Play House 2:43 (Arthur Gunter)
24) Hound Dog 3:53 (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)

Amateur recording made September 26, 1956.


Guitar: Scotty Moore. Guitar: Elvis Presley. Bass: Bill Black. Drums: D.J.Fontana. Vocals: The Jordanaires.

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Elvis Presley CD, Book and DVD Reviews Review : Love Me Tender 2-CD 7" FTD classic soundtrack

Love Me Tender 2 CD FTD Clasic Album [Special Edition] 7" Presentation 2 CD

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